About Us

Touch Records Australia is an independent family run business. We have a passion for music, and in particular, a passion for vinyl records.

Whilst we acknowledge the ease and convenience that mp3 players offer today, we at Touch believe there is nothing better than spending an evening dropping the stylus down on a vinyl record of choice, and enjoying all of your favourite tracks in the company of good friends.

The needle produces a harmonic distortion, often referred to as “warmth” in the sound, which cannot be replicated by other forms of recording. CD’s and mp3’s are digital recordings that are unable to capture the complete sound wave. Original sound is analogue by definition, and this is how it is captured on the humble vinyl record.

Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, Neil Young, was recently quoted as saying "What everybody gets (on an mp3) is 5% of what we originally make in the studio. We live in the digital age, and unfortunately it's degrading our music, not improving it."

The age of digital music has also brought about a change in buying habits. Based on ARIA sales data, individual songs are currently being downloaded at a rate of over 14 times more than complete albums. Our fear at Touch Records is that the album is slowly dying. How many times have you purchased an album for the singles released, only to end up liking the other tracks even more? We believe a good album takes you on a journey and is best enjoyed in its entirety as the artist intended.

Another benefit of the physical record is the excitement of opening up the album and discovering what is inside. Many musicians express their style and image via their artwork and this is often unseen with a digital download.

It will be a very sad day in music history if vinyl records ever stop being produced. At Touch, our vision is to ensure the next generation of music lovers do not miss out on the joys that the vinyl record has to offer. You will only have “music you can feel” for sale at our store. 

Thank you for your support and please feel free to provide us with feedback on how we can improve. We try to cover all genres from today to yesteryear, however if you cannot find a particular album or artist in stock, please drop us a line and we will do our best to source it for you.

Kind regards,


The team at Touch Records Australia.