Goo Goo Dolls - Magnetic

'Magnetic' is the tenth studio release for the Buffalo, NY trio.  The band, singer guitarist John Rzeznik, bassist Robby Takac, and drummer Mike Malinin recorded in New York, London and LA with Gregg Wattenberg (Train), Rob Cavallo (Green Day), John Shanks (Bon Jovi), and Greg Wells (Katy Perry).


Side 1:

  1. Rebel Beat
  2. When the World Breaks Your Heart
  3. Slow it Down
  4. Caught in the Storm
  5. Come To Me
  6. Bringing On The Light

Side 2:

  1. More of You
  2. BulletProofAngel
  3. Last Hot Night
  4. Happiest of Days
  5. Keep the Car Running

Condition: New

Price: AUD $35.00