Kimbra - The Golden Echo

New Zealand's enigmatic songstress Kimbra returns with her sophomore studio album, 'The Golden Echo.'


'The Golden Echo' is a vivid, vivacious, and ambitious arc of pop and funk that conveys an array of questions and insights. It's an album both of youthful exuberance and mature introspection, from the opening track, the joyful "Teen Heat," to the closing one, the musing, yet still joyful "Waltz Me To the Grave."


It's at once a dancing record and thinking record, inspired by such diverse musical touchstones as Prince, '70s R&B, '90s pop (the first single is affectionately titled '90s Music"), and the Mars Volta, but heralding the full arrival of a distinctive artist. It's what Kimbra Lee Johnson has been aspiring to and working toward since her teen years in her hometown of Hamilton, New Zealand.


Side One:

  1. Teen Heat
  2. 90s Music
  3. Carolina
  4. Goldmine

Side Two:

  1. Miracle
  2. Rescue Him
  3. Madhouse

Side Three

  1. Everlovin' Ya (Feat. Bilal)
  2. As You Are

Side 4:

  1. Nobody But You
  2. Waltz Me To The Grave
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