Pennywise - All or Nothing

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Notorious Southern California punk rockers Pennywise are back in full force and swinging harder than ever. The band who have inspired many throughout the world with their hard charging songs of self-reliance and perseverance, prove themselves once again with All Or Nothing, one of their most powerful and heartfelt albums to date. Formed in the South Bay of Los Angeles, a neighborhood with a rich punk rock history, Pennywise began in 1988. The band would go on to amass an international following through relentless touring and a melodic high energy sound merging melodic surf punk, blistering hardcore and the classic punk of their youth. band have a new lease of life and have been invigorated since the addition of vocalist Zoli Teglas (from Californian band Ignite).
  1. "All or Nothing"
  2. "Waste Another Day"
  3. "Revolution"
  4. "Stand Strong"
  5. "Let Us Hear Your Voice"
  6. "Seeing Red"
  7. "Songs of Sorrow"
  8. "X Generation"
  9. "We Have It All"
  10. "Tomorrow"
  11. "All Along"
  12. "United" 

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