T.Rex - T.Rex

2 LP Deluxe Edition. Remastered and Expanded with 14 Bonus songs including 9 previously unreleased home demos and out-takes.

Following on from the critical and commercial success of 2012’s 40th anniversary edition of “Electric Warrior’ and 2013’s ‘Marc Bolan At The BBC’ box set, comes this staggering new edition of ‘T.Rex’ – the first album Bolan released under his new T.Rex incarnation. ‘A Beard Of Stars’, the last record released as ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ will be released in the same formats on the same day.

Available on 2LP format complete with new sleeve notes from Mark Paytress, ‘T.Rex’, along with its follow-up ‘A Beard Of Stars’ captures the fascinating transitional moment between Marc’s star child and boppin’ elf periods.


Side A:

  1. The Children Of Rarn
  2. Jewel (Album Version)
  3. The Visit
  4. Childe
  5. The Time Of Love Is Now
  6. Diamond Meadows
  7. Root Of Star
  8. Beltane Walk (Album Version)

Side B:

  1. Is It Love Update
  2. One Inch Rock
  3. Summer Deep
  4. Seagull Woman
  5. Suneye (Album Version)
  6. The Wizard
  7. The Children Of Rarn

Side C:

  1. The Children Of Rarn (Take 6)
  2. Jewel (Alternate Take)
  3. The Visit (Alternate Take)
  4. The Time Of Love Is Now (Alternate Take)          
  5. Diamond Meadows (Alternate Take)
  6. Beltane Walk (Alternate Take)
  7. Summertime Blues (B-side)

Side 4:

  1. One Inch Rock (Alternate Take)
  2. Summer Deep (Alternate Take)
  3. Seagull Woman (Alternate Take)
  4. Sun Eye (BBC Live/ Top Gear, London/ 1970)
  5. Deep Summer (Alternate Take)
  6. Dark Lipped Woman
  7. Is It Love Update (Alternate Take)

Condition: New

Price: AUD $44.00