VZ-2000 T-Shirt

 The Team at Touch Records Australia all agree that the Sharp VZ-2000 is the greatest record player ever to be put on the market.

Not only did this ghetto blaster play vinyl records, but it also features a linear tracking vertical turntable, allowing the user to play both sides of a record without ever having to take it out and flip it over.

With the ability to hook up external speakers and auxiliary input, we have one of these bad girls powering the music for our entire office and warehouse!!

Therefore it is only fitting that we honour the VZ-2000 with a T-Shirt so that fellow VZ-2000 fans can be loud and proud of their love for this player from the 1980's.

When ordering, please note which size you would like (S, M, L, XL)

Price: AUD $30.00