You Am I - Sound As Ever

20 years ago a group of young men entered a recording studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota to record what would be their debut album. That album, 'Sound As Ever', was the start of a long and successful career by one of Australia's most loved bands, You Am I.

Two decades later, You Am I still call each other friends and band-mates. As a celebration of this fact as much as anything else, they've chosen to present to their fans - old and new - a series of reissues that raise a toast to the early years of You Am I's career, two decades of friendship and the many good times to come.

Their first three albums, 'Sound As Ever', 'Hi Fi Way' and 'Hourly Daily' are being given the full reissue treatment. Pressed on beautiful 180gram black vinyl and re-mastered especially for this glorious format. Each records includes its own digital download card.


  1. Coprolalia
  2. Berlin Chair
  3. Trainspottin'
  4. Adam's Ribs
  5. Rosedale
  6. Forever And Easy
  7. Everyone's To Blame
  8. Jaimme's Got A Gal
  9. Who's Leaving You Now?
  10. Ordinary
  11. You Scare Me
  12. Off The Field
  13. Sound As Ever

Condition: New

Price: AUD $36.00